Essential oils for Athletes and Crossfitters

Barbell-and-KBSEssential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. This is great news for athletes and crossfitters who care about what they put in and on their bodies!

The properties in essential oils can speed healing from hard workouts and help with both acute and chronic injuries. Many traditional sports remedies often contain synthetic compounds based on the naturally occurring compounds found in essential oils but synthetics often have unknown side effects.

Essential oils pass through the cell walls quickly, they are absorbed almost instantly and can be immediately used by your body and naturally metabolizes. This is one of the reasons they are so effective for athletes. The results can often be felt instantly. Essential oils pared with physical therapy and other recovery tactics can lead to quicker recovery and allow you to get back to your training.

Here’s my list of oils that are essential to Athletes and Crossfitters:

•The Soothing Blend:  Great to apply to muscles pre & post workouts
•Respiratory Blend:  Apply to chest to improve oxygen flow of cells and lung capacity before workout & any respitory issues.
•Seasonal softgels:  To deal with any seasonal issues
•Marjoram:  Any muscle issue/fatigue, sprain/ligaments, aches and pains & tendinitis.
•Melalueca: Clears up athletes foot, cuts and scrapes & Inflammation
•Lavender:  Blisters/torn hands, cuts/scrapes, sunburns, anxiety, stress & concentration.
• Lemongrass + Peppermint:  Muscle cramps
•Peppermint:  Digestive issues, nausea, nerve pain, muscle spasms/fatigue/pain,  concentration and energy.
•White Fir: muscle pain, fatigue, over exercise, sprains/ligaments.
• Geranium:  Bruises & Blisters
•Balance: Helps some athletes improve focus and clarity.
•Protective Blend:  Immune system strong.  Can be used in a spray to disinfectant equipment.
•Hand Management:  To prevent torn hands – hydration is key.  For Cracked skin:  myrrh or clear skin.  Dehydrated Skin:  Geranium & Lavender.  Eucalyptus helps reduce swelling and Peppermint helps with pain.

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